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London Model Digital Twin



Unreal, Blueprints, C++, Python, 3DS Max


The London Model is a Digital Twin City. Designed by myself from the ground up in unreal, it allows the user to edit and manipulate the model to produce many types of output and also host meetings with clients.

From a simple model viewer in it's early life, it has evolved into a well-rounded mature software, that allows automated connections to In-house databases, external data and the ability to display this in unique ways.

One of the most powerful tools is an automatic camera alignment system that will take a photo and match it exactly to the current 3d view. This allows a seamless blend between reality and model. Adding extra overlay information to this provides a rich experience in meetings and consultancy work.

Take a look below at some images and animations that show a small percentage of what it can do.

Data Overlays

Project Showcase

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